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Blessing Way Ceremony

The Blessing Way ceremony is thought to have originated with the Navajo tribe of Native Americans, although many cultures observe some form of this ceremony. It is a healing ceremony, involving only women and taking place in the latter part of the pregnancy, which focuses on the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the expectant mother. During the progress of the healing ceremony, the expectant mother is engaged in a number of rituals that are intended to help ease any anxiety about the process of childbirth.

Group Prenatal Meetings

These meetings provide a forum for pregnant parents and their families to meet with other pregnant women in a relationship-centered, nurturing, and educational environment. During the group session, pregnant parents discuss their questions and draw support from one another under the facilitative guidance of an experienced birth professional. 

Compassionate Communication Coaching Sessions

These sessions offer life-changing skills that cultivate joy, connection, and success in all types of relationships. This is an inspiring opportunity to love beyond judgment, communicate with empathy, identify what is true for us, and have our needs met. When we learn how to compassionately state feelings and needs, as well as boundaries and requests while gaining a deep understanding of core human values, the benefits are unimaginable. These sessions are fit for individuals, couples, or group settings.

Sacred Sexuality and Relationship Sessions

The path of sacred sexuality allows us to experience deep self-love and to honor the spirit of every person as a reflection of ourselves. Seeing ourselves as whole and perfect, we experience a deeper capacity for intimacy with ourselves and others. Using communication, touch, movement, breath, and sound, we cultivate ecstatic energy in our bodies through our own practice, and through our intimate or sexual practices with another. This creative energy can be used in all areas of our lives, vitalizing our health, creativity, careers, relationships, and spirituality. These sessions are available for individuals, couples, or group settings.

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