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Empowered Birth Atlanta

Empowered Birth Atlanta (est. 2013) was founded with the goal of empowering every birthing family to enjoy a safe and uplifting birth experience focused on optimal health, education, informed decision making, and family bonding.

Margaret Byrne, CPM LM CD(DONA) LMT

The first time I was astounded by the power of birth was when I supported my sister during the birth of my niece in 1989. Passionately intrigued, I attended Maternidad La Luz Midwifery School, began attending home births, and then became a Licensed Midwife in 1997.


I am a Certified Professional Midwife, Certified Doula, Licensed Massage Therapist (specializing in Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy), body-oriented therapist, certified tantra yoga teacher, wife, and mother. As a doula and homebirth midwife, I have attended hundreds of births in homes, hospitals, and birth centers over the last 8 years in Atlanta, GA.

I offer body-centered self-discovery and compassionate relationship support. I enjoy time in the woods, hot springs, yoga, travel, and time with my family. I draw from all of my skills as I help mothers on their own birthing journey. I believe that birth is, by far, the most potent experience in a woman's life and lays the foundation for the health and well-being of her baby.

My Training

Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) 2017

Home Birth Practice in Santa Cruz CA and Atlanta GA


Licensed Midwife (CA) 1997

Maternidad La Luz Midwifery School 1993

Midwifery Apprenticeship with June Whitson CNM 1997


Certified Birth Doula 2017

DONA International 

Professional support of pregnancy, birth and immediate postpartum


Licensed Massage Therapist 1987

Twin Lake College of the Healing Arts 1987

Phenomenal Touch Massage 2003

Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy Professional Care and Advanced Pregnancy 2016


Trained in Hakomi Body Centered Therapy

California Institute of Hakomi Body Centered Therapy 2007


Trained in Compassionate Communication and Sacred Relationship

Love Coach Academy 2012

Margot Anand Love and Ecstasy Facilitator Training 2006

Ipsalu Kriya Yoga Teacher Training 2006

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