Doula Services

Free Consultation

I am happy to meet with you at a location convenient to your home to discuss how I can be of service to you.

Phone & Email Support

From the moment I become your Doula, I am available by phone, text, or email to answer questions, send information, give referrals, and offer support.

Prenatal Visits

I will come to your home for a prenatal visit shortly before you are 36 weeks to discuss “birth day” and help ensure you are well prepared. I also offer additional prenatal meetings as desired.

Professional Information

I will start off by sending you links to informative articles on childbirth and parenting which will be relevant to decisions and planning for your birth. I will also send articles on specific topics of interest and referrals as needed.

During Labor

I am your first call! Even as your body begins to prepare for labor, we will be in contact. I will offer support by phone as labor begins and will be available to come to your home as soon as you are ready to have me there. I will support you to labor at home as long as possible and help you navigate the transition to the hospital. I will stay with you as you settle into the hospital environment and continue your labor there. I will offer continuity of care throughout the birth of your child. I usually stay about 2 hours after birth to help establish breastfeeding and see that you are all settled in.

Baby's First Feeding Support

The first one to two hours of a baby’s life is so important! I will help protect that precious bonding time and assist with getting the baby well latched and feeding.

Postpartum Follow-up Visit

Once your family is settled back at home, I will come for a postpartum visit to offer newborn support, discuss the birth, and of course hold the baby!!

Community Referrals

I will help connect you with your birth community in the Atlanta area including referals for prenatal or postpartum support, health, baby supplies and more . . .

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As a Doula, I  Do Not:

Perform any clinical tasks

In my role as a doula, I do not do any fetal monitoring, vital sign checks, or dilatation checks. If you wish these services, we can discuss the option of hiring me as a montrice. There would be an extra fee for this service.

Make decisions for you

I will direct you toward evidence based information for any decision that you need to make for your baby. I will offer my experience and the pros and cons of all the options. It is important that all decisions be your own. This is how you begin to become empowered as a parent.

Speak to the staff on your behalf

The greatest value of the prenatal visits is that we have the opportunity to discuss your birth preferences and go over different scenarios in which decisions need to be made. Once at the hospital, you will be empowered to speak to the staff about your preferences. I will be there to guide and remind you.

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

This is the birth of YOUR child. I will be there to support you in doing what you believe is best for your precious miracle!

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