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 Empowered Birth Atlanta

Helping Families Create Empowered Birth Experiences

Midwives are trained and certified to provide complete primary care for normal pregnancy, home birth, and post-partum serving as medical guides through the birth experience.

A Birth Doula provides non-clinical comfort, emotional support, education and advocacy to a birthing person and their partner.

Massage Therapy aids in relaxation, helps alleviate pregnancy discomforts, assists in optimal fetal positioning, and promotes healing after birth.

Therapy Sessions
Meet Margaret

Margaret, the founder of Empowered Birth Atlanta, brings a compassionately grounded presence, a strong nurturing touch, a deep knowledge of birth, and a profound inspiration to assist each birthing person in discovering their deep, inner strength through the process of birth.

Free Consultation

Book a free consultation to further discuss our services!

Margaret's gentle, soothing demeanor and strong encouragement was exactly what we needed to get through an unexpectedly long labor in the manner we'd wanted. I would highly recommend her to anyone!


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