Supporting Women through
Pregnancy and Birth

Empowered Birth Atlanta was founded with the goal to support every family to enjoy an empowering and uplifting Birth Experience.   


The key to an empowered birth is to feel comortable in the choices that you make for your birth. Regardless of whether your birth plan includes a home birth, hospital birth...natural, epidural or surgical birth, Empowered Birth Atlanta will support you with over 20 years of childbirthing experience that will enable you to make informed decisions concering you, your family and your baby!  Through love, empathy, compassion and non-judgemetal support we will ensure that everyone's needs are heard and respected.


Most of all, we believe in the MIRACLE of birth! Together, we will celebrate the wonder, awe and sheer bliss of birth...and from this space we will welcome your miracle to the world!


THANK YOU for allowing us to be a part of your miracle!


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